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Effective Practice of Musical Instruments

When we play an instrument, our brain trains visual, auditory and motor skills, and simultaneously engages our emotions, an exceptional situation which can be described as a firework of the brain. There are different tips and tricks that make our practice more effective and fun. Such as Practicing a piece backward and many more.

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How to read Music

Basic Tutorial how to read Music Sheet.

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Theory of Music

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A Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory

Music Theory can be intimidating to learn as a beginner with no prior knowledge, however, it can improve your music writing skills significantly! The concept of learning education on music theory. The most important concepts a beginner should learn

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Things in Music That Are the Same but Aren’t

Being a music fan is about the culture you surround yourself with. Sometimes, it’s not just about listening to the same type of music as everyone else. It’s important to discover different kinds of sounds that are similar in style but different in content. Music is Everywhere Music is a universal language that can be […]

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Music in Health

Benefits of Music

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout.


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Live Music Concerts : The Importance of Creating a Contingency Plan

When it comes to live events, people respond the most to music concerts, whether as a promotional tour, a fundraising project or a simple public performance. However, organizing a live music event is not an easy feat because there can be instances when the unexpected happens. That is why contingency planning is always a must.

As far as live events go, music concerts are the most engaging yet they are also the most likely to hit snags along the way.

What Exactly is a Contingency Plan In Events Management?

Contingency plans are “what-if” plans that outline instructions for the events staff when continuing the program, instead of delaying or cancelling the live event. A contingency plan includes identifying people or members of the event management team who can step in as persons-in-charge when and where necessary.

Simply put, a contingency plan is based on an assessment of anticipated risks that have the likeliest potential to arise during the holding of the event. In doing so, your event management team can put in place measures and solutions to prevent the worst possible outcome from happening.

Examples of What to Consider When Planning for Live Concert Contingencies

When planning for contingencies in relation to a live concert event, it’s always best to speak with the talents, their musicians, backup singers and dancers, to have an idea about their costumes, props and any special effects they intend to use. Talking to the band members, vendors and venue administrator about the availability or lack of equipment, need for loading docks or special access and need for additional man and van transport to ensure smooth setup. Details like emergency power generation, alternate staffing and available source of extra equipment like sound system components, mics, speakers, microphones, and lighting equipment that typically break down. These are key elements that can affect the success of live music concerts.

The acoustics, the extra amplification, the stage and seating arrangements must be safe, secure and sensible, especially for outdoor musical performances. There must be available protection from elements not only for the music talents and the attendees but also for the equipment.

When holding a live concert in London or anywhere near the surrounding areas of the capital city, there are man with van service providers who can quickly disassemble and assemble, pack and unpack, load and unload cumbersome pieces of equipment. Ideally, a man and van crew can be placed as part of the event’s logistics team. Based on years of planning for contingencies on live events, the man-and-van teams, have the most well-rounded experience and seasoned knowledge when needing to relocate around London and surrounding areas, at short notices.

Key Factors to Include in a Live Concert Contingency Plan

Anyways, a contingency plan for live event concerts must include the following key factors:

  • Triggers that could potentially set off into motion the contingency plan;
  • Instantaneous responses designed to stop the mishap from worsening;
  • Identification of the main persons or crew members who should be involved in carrying out the immediate responses;
  • A chart outlining the responsibilities, including timelines for every response.

The Importance Of Music In Video Games

How can you produce an attractive video game? To start with, of course, the title has to have good gameplay, since that’s the only way a game can be really fun. Of course, good graphics are also important so that the player can also enjoy a good experience visually. And the story should also be well written in the corresponding games so that you are completely captivated.

Nonetheless, one component that numerous people often overlook is the soundtrack. Remember that music sets the mood for games and can therefore make the difference between a good video game and a bad one. Every gamer has different preferences when it comes to music in video games. When playing league of legends, music can encourage you to play more and buy duo boost lol to enhance your game. The eloboostleague offers solutions if you have ranking problems with your lol game.


Types of music in video games like league of legends

Orchestral soundtrack

An orchestral soundtrack is most often used in games where you want to create a particularly intense atmosphere. These include, for example, role-playing games, adventure games and first-person shooters. But an orchestral soundtrack is also often used in other genres, such as strategy titles.

Licensed soundtrack

A licensed soundtrack is mostly used in sports, racing or similar games. The developer of the game acquires the license for songs by well-known artists. This type of music is typically used in game menus, but can also be played in gameplay.

Digitally created soundtrack

Finally, there are games that use a digitally created soundtrack. These are often smaller productions that don’t have enough money for an orchestra or licensed music. However, it also happens that large AAA games use digitally created music.

How music can affect the mood in video games

Any video game fan will know how important the soundtrack is in terms of the atmosphere of a game. Just like in a movie, a good soundtrack in a video game also manages to fully immerse the player in the action. Role-playing games often use an epic soundtrack played by a huge orchestra.

In sports games, on the other hand, it is very important that there are many songs from popular artists in the menus. The same goes for racing games. In short, music is a crucial factor in the gaming experience possible with a video game.

How To Pack And Ship Musical Instruments

Are you planning to move, have you sold your musical instrument or would you like to organize the transport of your instrument to a concert? If so, it is important to take safety measures when packing and shipping your instruments.

A few tips on what to look out for when shipping an instrument

First of all, the size of your musical instrument is certainly decisive. You can ship smaller, lighter instruments such as a flute or a violin with a regular parcel service provider. It is best to inquire in advance with the respective customer service what to look out for when packing and insuring your instrument. For larger and heavier instruments, such as a bass guitar or a piano, it is definitely worth shipping by courier.

A number of forwarders have the necessary expertise and professional equipment which are crucial for the safe shipment of musical instruments. Definitely, packaging specialists and products from Blower-Dempsay Corp. can make your packaging secure when shipping.

packaging specialists

Send musical instruments with a forwarding agent and pack them securely in advance

In order to send musical instruments with a forwarding agent, safe packaging is the basic prerequisite for damage-free shipping. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a guitar or a harp, musical instruments are sensitive shipping goods. Therefore, you must be carefully prepared for transport. For example, you should send stringed instruments with the strings slightly relaxed.

You should pack musical instruments with a hollow body in a special instrument box or transport them in the case. To ensure that the musical instrument is held as securely as possible in the case, you can carefully wrap it in bubble wrap beforehand. You should put pad with air cushions on the outer carton to protect the instrument well.

In any case, you must ensure that the shipping carton is provided with handling instructions, for example, “do not stack” or “transport horizontally”. This way, you can make sure that they will transport your instrument safely.

Since musical instruments represent valuable freight, it is best to take out transport insurance in advance. In the event of damage, the insurance can cover the price of your instruments.  Before deciding to transport with a forwarding agent, ask for further information and possible additional services.

10 Music Movies You Should Definitely Watch

We love music And we love movies that’s why we are in constant search of music movies. In this post, we share with you 10 music movies you will definitely love. You can watch these movies on uwatchfree, a website to watch movies for free.

Almost Famous (Extended Version) (Blu-ray)

In 2000, Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous was released. The autobiographical film tells the story of 15-year-old William Miller, who accompanies the band Stillwater on tour for the music magazine Rolling Stone. There he gets to know the world of rock stars with all its ups and downs. Almost Famous won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

8 Mile

8 Mile is the name of the also autobiographical feature film about the young rapper Jimmy Smith Jr. aka Rabbit with Eminem in the leading role. The focus of the story is his beginnings as a battle rapper, fleeing the dreary working world of Detroit and the lack of prospects. The film won the Oscar for Best Original Song with Lose Yourself.


Ray, the biopic of soul icon Ray Charles, played by Jamie Foxx, was released in 2004. The drama shows the musician’s childhood, his blindness, his career as a musician, and also his drug addiction. Ray received, among other things, the Oscar for the best male lead.


The 2006 film Once tells the story of a singer-songwriter and street musician who meets a young immigrant and records his first demo CD together with her. Lead actors Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová also recorded the film’s songs, including the song “Falling Slowly,” which won the 2008 Oscars for best song.

Inside Llewyn Davis

The film Inside Llewyn Davis by the Coen brothers from 2013 tells a tragi-comic music story. The folk musician Llewyn Davis lives and fights for music and his breakthrough. But he plays his way through pubs and music clubs night after night, unfortunately, more or less unsuccessfully. Starring alongside Oscar Isaac are Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman.

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Can A Song Save Your Life?

After writing and directing the screenplay for Once, John Carney presented the romantic-comic music film Can A Song Save Your Life? seven years later in 2013. Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine star in the lead roles.

La La Land

The following film was able to record a total of six Oscars and numerous other nominations: Damien Chazelle ‘s La La Land is a film musical from 2016 starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and John Legend. And in addition to their acting qualities, they demonstrate impressive musicality.

Django – A Life for Music

In 2017 the French feature film Django – A Life for Music was released. The exciting partial biography with Reba Kateb in the leading role looks at three years in the life of Sinti jazz musician Django Reinhardt, the “King of Swing”, who celebrated great success in 1943 during the German occupation of Paris but then had to flee.

A Star Is Born (2018)

Music film, love story, relationship drama – actor Bradley Cooper made his directorial debut in 2018 with A Star Is Born: a stirring and moving film in which he himself plays the leading role alongside pop icon Lady Gaga. The two also composed the songs for the film themselves, together with sta producers such as Mark Ronson, Jason Isbell, and Lukas Nelson

Bohemian Rhapsody

It is the story of a legend, the unbelievable story of the rise of a band: »Bohemian Rhapsody«, the biographical drama film about Queen and her legendary singer Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek, was released in 2019. In addition to five Academy Award nominations, the film won Golden Globes for Best Drama and Best Actor.


The Connection Between Music and Studying

Much other people believe that listening to music while working or studying assists them to focus. Others say that any background noise makes it difficult to concentrate.

It would be great if you could listen to a music or playlist that would motivate you to finish a problem set or remember all the times for your geography final.

Benefits of Music to Studying

Sadly, music lacks some of that strength. Although most of the advantages are indirect, they can nevertheless have a significant impact.

It eases tension and lifts your spirits.

You are not only motivated by music. Additionally, it may lessen tension and encourage a happier outlook.

It may inspire you.

If you’ve ever spent a long, hard night trying to complete your schoolwork, your motivation to continue studying may have already begun to wane. You might study more diligently if you listen to your favorite music during study breaks, even if it isn’t the best music for learning.

It may sharpen focus.

A 2007 study found that listening to classical music in particular can make it simpler for your brain to assimilate and comprehend new knowledge.

Your brain breaks down the vast amount of information it gets from the environment around you before processing it.

The Development of Music in the Coin Master Gameplay


Public domain entertainment CC0 photo.

The sound effects in the game are what make it more immersive and engaging. The sound adds are what make the game even more interesting by adding a layer of depth to it.

The role of music in games is not just limited to providing background noise but also enhancing gameplay. It helps players feel like they are actually playing the game and not just watching a video on their screen. Music also provides an emotional boost, which helps players overcome difficult levels or situations in the game.

In Coin Master, music is used as a way to enhance gameplay by providing background noise that helps players feel immersed in the world of Coin Master. The sound effects add another layer of depth to gameplay by adding a layer of emotion that can help players overcome difficult levels or situations in the game.

The Development of Sound Effects for Coin Master

Coin Master is a game developed by Konami in which players try to collect as many coins as they can. The sound effects are crucial to the game as they help players distinguish between the coins and other objects in the game.

The sound effects are also important for the developers because they help them create a unique gaming experience for each player. The sound design team at Konami has created over 100 different sounds that have been implemented into the game.

How Does Music Influence Gameplay? What are the Benefits?

Music is often thought of as a mere addition to a game, but it can help with player engagement and game development.

Music is not just an aesthetic addition to games. It has the power to influence player action and can help with game development. A well-designed soundtrack for a game can also be used as an effective marketing tool for the game itself.

The benefits of using music in games are many and varied, from increasing player engagement to providing more immersive gameplay experiences.

Why is the World of Coin Master Set to Soundtrack Emotional Moments?

In the world of coin master, the soundtrack is set to be a part of your emotional moments. It will help you feel exhilarated and adventurous while you are playing.

The game offers a wide range of emotions that can be felt in each stage. These emotions are set to make you feel more powerful and invincible while playing.

The soundtrack is set to be a part of your emotional moments in the game which will make you feel exhilarated and adventurous. The soundtrack will help you feel empowered and invincible throughout the time that you are playing with it.

How Does a Musical Score Add to a Video Game Experience? How Can It Help with Player Engagement?

A video game score can help enhance the player’s experience by adding to the emotion and engagement.

The musical score is a crucial part of a video game. It helps players feel more immersed in the world of the game and add to their emotional experience.

The use of music in video games is a growing trend that is still in its infancy. However, the addition of music to a video game can add an emotional and immersive experience for the player.

The use of music in video games has been around as long as the medium has existed. The first game with sound effects was called Tennis for Two, created by William Higinbotham in 1958. It was designed for the IBM 704 computer system and had three simple sounds: a ball bouncing on a court, a bell ringing when you win, and an electronic “ping” when you lose.

Music makes people feel something which is why it’s so important to include it in any type of media – especially videogames where players are immersed in the experience on some level.

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Conclusion: How Music Enhances Your Gaming Experiences

Music is a great way to add an immersive element to the game. Music can be used as background noise, but it can also be used to enhance gameplay.

When you are playing a game, it is important to have the right music in order to get immersed. Music can also be used to make your gaming experience more fun and interesting.

Some games like Overwatch or Fortnite have specific songs that you can listen to while playing. These songs help create an atmosphere for the game and make it more immersive.

Music is one of the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal when it comes to enhancing our gaming experiences.

How Social Media Affects Music Career

Nowadays social media and digital platforms play a primary and crucial role in how people design communication. It plays a vital role in how companies plan their marketing strategies. The music industry is no exception. Because of this, buy cheap Instagram views businesses can help musicians reach their target audience.

Social media and music career: How is that related?

As new technologies took hold, the changes immediately affected the music industry. Artists and the music industry had to adapt to the new dynamic and evolve in order not to be left behind. For artists who want to be heard and known, an online presence is essential. So essential that you sometimes wonder if social media is even more important than the music itself.

Nowadays it’s not enough to produce great music to break through. It’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence and to engage and entertain users with new content. Artists need to stay up to date by subscribing to music platform newsletters and being informed about the next trend.

buy cheap Instagram views

Which artists can do without social media?

This transition is certainly related to how the music industry has changed. Data plays a central role in assessing whether an artist can become big. In fact, an online presence for artists has never been more important than it is today. If you want to boost your career and grow your audience, there’s no escaping the digital world. Only artists who have already established themselves in the past, before these platforms existed, still have the option to decide against constant activity on social media.

While these acts are still using social media to promote themselves, it certainly isn’t their main concern. This is undoubtedly related to the fact that very popular acts were showing how great they were even before the social media boom.

Choose the right digital platform

If on the one hand social media and digital platforms can be criticized, on the other hand, it is important to understand that the digitization of the music industry cannot be reversed. Musicians who make a living from their music need to know how to get the most out of it without losing their uniqueness.

In fact, Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming platforms have changed the way listeners consume music and the way artists monetize their music.

Engaging the Audience through Music: Why Music Catches Attention?

Did you know that hearing music can have a positive effect on your mood and even reduce stress? Did you also know that listening to music while working can improve productivity? Music is an essential part of our lives, bringing us joy and filling us with energy. The right kind of music may even distract you from the stressors of your job for a few minutes. Using music as an element in your communications strategy is one way to engage your audience. Here’s why…

Music Helps You Communicate Better

Communication can create or destroy relationships, and it can help or hinder your organization’s goals. You must use communication to your best advantage. Of course, music has a way to help you achieve this. 

Music can enhance your communication by helping the audience focus on your message and empathize with you. When you use music in your communication, your audience is more likely to remember your message, which is why it’s used in most advertisement. For example, when making an ad for a towing company, like towing San Jose, it is better to use catchy music in order to give a message and for listeners to pay attention.

People Relate to Music

The reason people relate to music so closely is that it touches something deep within us. It triggers memories and emotions that we may not even know we have. When people hear a song and connect with it, they can be transported to a time, place, or feeling and have those emotions come flooding back to them. This is called nostalgia. Nostalgia can bring people together or create connections between products and brands. 

Music Promotes Positive Development

Music helps us heal, grow, and learn.

It can also be used as a tool for change in organizations, whether it’s a business or a nonprofit. When you have a cause you’re passionate about, music can help you spread your message and connect with others who may not know about what you’re doing. When you use music in this way, you want to make sure you choose songs that are relevant to your cause. You don’t want your music to get in the way of your message.

Spotify on Roblox

With the opening of “Spotify Island,” a site where artists and fans can undertake interactive quests, unlock special content, and buy artist goods, Spotify is now the first music streaming company to do an official presence throughout Roblox.

The Musical World of Roblox

The new Spotify Island in Roblox will be made up of a center mainland enclosed by a collection of themed islands that players can wander and collaborate with by hiking, running, leaping, touching, and collecting up different stuff. The worlds themselves have a color scheme based on Spotify’s greenery, alongside oranges and purples thrown in for good measure.

In the upper right corner of the planet, there’s also a musical play compartment with a background music generated by Soundtrap, among the Spotify’s audio creation tools.

Players can pause or play the music, as well as skip tracks.

In-app Purchase

Meanwhile, an in-game merchandising store will offer a selection of certain Spotify items that can be used in other areas of Roblox, and also specific artist merchandise that will provide creators with a new cash source.

Welcome Bonus 

Four free stuff can be acquired at first by performing tasks on Spotify Island, such as playing sounds in the world’s crystal grotto and on a springboard, or gathering musical notes strewn throughout the island.

The Top Ways to Promote Your Music as A Beginner

Newer artists often have a hard time promoting their music and gaining exposure.

How to have more People to Listen to your Music?


Getting your name out there is challenging, especially when you’re first starting out and don’t have the same following or fan base as some other industry pros. It can feel like nobody is listening to your music, but that isn’t the case.

If you want to promote your music as a beginner and get your career off on the right foot, you need to think outside the box with your promotional strategy. One way you can do this is by hiring an SEO agency in Toronto that can represent you in the social media space and other SEO-related activities.

You should know that the standard methods of upload, stream, and performance won’t be enough if you want people to hear your music and buy it too. Here are some helpful tips for promoting your music as a beginner:

Network with other Producers and Artists

One of the best ways to network as a newer artist is to find other artists and producers in your space who are also newer and trying to build their name and fan base. This is a win-win situation, because you can help promote each other’s music and gain more exposure in the process.

If you’re an EDM artist, find other EDM artists and producers who are in your genre and work with them on remixes or collaborations. Getting in good with other artists and producers in your scene is an excellent way to network with fellow artists and get your name out there at the same time.

Do Collaborations for Exposure

Collaborating with other artists is a great way to network and expand your exposure. You can collaborate with other musicians, singers, or even DJs and producers. 

You can collaborate on an EP track, a single track, or even just produce a track together, but you don’t have to release the track. What you want to do is find an artist or producer who has an established fan base that you can collaborate with.


The Effects of AI in Pop Music

The Beatles are without a doubt the most successful music band in history. Countless artists, songwriters, and producers as well as record labels and even streaming platforms, have attempted to recreate the enchantment in the years since its peak. Artificial intelligence is the newest instrument in the hunt for elusive pop music gold.

From apps that generate automatic lyrics to someone that writes chords and instruments, AI technologies can indeed generate completely new music from start. AI proponents claim that similar to how the internet and mobile phones have globalized music dissemination and recording, AI makes the system of music creation accessible to everyone. According to its critics, it could also have unintended negative consequences.

The Virtual Pop Icon

Below are some examples showing the dominance of AI in the music industry.

TV Program – Alter Ego

Human singers participate in a singing contest using digital avatars in the Television program Alter Ego.

The emergence of AI Pop Stars

  • Lil Miguela
  • Yona

Artists Using AI Tools

Yacht band utilized AI tool in producing their album entitled “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler“.

Taryn Southern

She is a musician and a filmmaker as well who works with artificial intelligence incorporated into her arts.

In such a way that YouTube transformed video production, Artificial intelligence can revamp music production.

Musical Instrument Flexible Packaging

Are you planning a flight with your instrument? Then remember to organize the transport of your instrument in good time so that the airline, for example, can react in good time to any valuable luggage that may need special treatment.

Flexible packaging: Tips for transporting musical instruments on the plane

Small and fine instrument in your hand luggage

You can place small instruments in the hand luggage compartment. Therefore, it is always under your personal supervision and in the air-conditioned area of ​​the aircraft.

So that you know exactly whether you can carry your instrument case as hand luggage, ask the airline.

It is best to get written permission or confirmation from the airline that you can take your instrument with you as hand luggage.

Don’t forget the written confirmation when you travel. Otherwise, questions or delays may arise both during the security check and during boarding.

Big and heavy instrument: book your own seat

flexible packaging

A separate seat can be booked for cellos and larger instruments, which are no longer part of hand luggage.

Here, too, it is best to let the airline know in advance which instrument it is and how it is packed. Make sure you use flexible packaging to protect your instrument.

Various airlines recommend booking seats in the back of the plane for you and the instrument. Boarding for these seats often takes place directly after 1st class, leaving more time to “settle” with the instrument.

There is either a hand luggage surcharge for the additional seat or you pay a slightly lower price if the aircraft is not fully booked.

Be sure to ask the airline about special conditions.

Take only the essentials with you

Pack only what is necessary in the tool case so that it does not become too heavy. You will then be faster at the security check.

Check in early

Be patient and allow the ground staff enough time to check your hand luggage and the instrument.

Observe current airline regulations

Prices and regulations are subject to change at short notice. It is best to find out about the latest status from your airline. Have the necessary travel information sent to you especially if you are travelling with your musical instrument.

The Role and Importance of Music Clubs in Schools

Many schools in the United States have music clubs for students to learn and play various musical instruments. These clubs are usually run by a music teacher or volunteer who is familiar with the instrument and can teach the students how to play it. Music clubs are seen as a great way for children to explore their talents, while also having fun.

Some schools have an instrumental music program where students learn how to play different instruments. This is beneficial because it helps them develop their musical abilities and teaches them about different types of music that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Students who study music in school tend to be more successful academically than those who don’t, as well as being more creative and open minded.

These days, clubs and organizations in school are easily managed, thanks to tools like club software by Campai (vereinssoftware by Campai). These tools help coordinators and organizers manage the club effectively.

The Role of Music Clubs in Schools

Music clubs in schools are a great way to get children interested in music and to provide them with an opportunity to learn about it. They teach kids how to read music, and how to play instruments, and they give them the chance to perform for their peers.

There are a lot of benefits of instrumental music, not only for the children who participate in the clubs but also for their classmates. It provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other, it teaches them about different cultures and it improves their math skills.

Students who study music appreciation will have a better understanding of how sound affects people emotionally and intellectually, which is important for those who want careers in fields such as medicine or law.

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How to Start a Music Club at School?

If you’re interested in starting a music club at school, here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Find other students who share your love for music and have similar interests.
  2. Identify a teacher or staff member who is willing to be your advisor and help you establish the club.
  3. Research clubs at other schools in your area and see what they do to make their clubs successful.
  4. Write up a mission statement for the club, including what you hope to accomplish as well as any rules or guidelines that members should follow.
  5. Decide on a name for the club and create an emblem or logo with it (you can use something like Canva).
  6. Create flyers, posters, and other promotional material to advertise your club.
  7. After you have found the appropriate space and materials for the club, start early!
  8. Be persistent and patient during your first few meetings to get members out of their comfort zone.
  9. Make a list of songs that you would like to teach and create a learning plan for each song.
  10. Get approval from your teacher or administrator to start the club (likely this will happen through the school’s Student Advisory Committee)

Conclusion: Music clubs in schools

The benefits of starting a music club in school are numerous. Music clubs provide students with an opportunity to explore their creativity and develop their skills, which can lead to increased self-confidence and better grades. They also provide a common area for kids to congregate, which can reduce stress and increase social connections.

Great Gift Ideas For The Musician And Lovers Of Music

If you are looking for a present for a musician or music lover, you usually have a hard time. Even small music-based presents as gifts to employees can be difficult to decide on. How about something original? Radio for the shower, for example, or CDs with music from the year the recipient was born? The Pavarotti gift set with red wine and CD is particularly suitable for opera fans, the finger beat drums for rock fans – and the rollable USB piano for pianists. Whatever goes down well: concert tickets for classical, rock, or pop.

Music is in the air: These musician gifts really rock!

Music is an absolute elixir of life, don’t you agree? In any case, it seems to be the same for many people, because their entire life seems to revolve exclusively around music. Some of them are, of course, professional musicians, others may just play an instrument or sing as a hobby. Then of course there are also the pure music fans who don’t pick up the guitar or drumsticks themselves, but always have the latest hits from the charts on their cell phones and recognize every song from the first note. All of these people have one thing in common: they love receiving exciting gifts with music for their birthdays, Easter, or Christmas!

The gifts for musicians do not always have to do with the self-production of music. Useful gifts for music lovers can also be decoratively designed radios, loudspeakers, or docking stations, which can then be used to play the music fan’s favorite music.

There are also fun musical gifts such as an instrument-shaped bathroom or kitchen accessories that are sure to impress a music lover.

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Outstanding musical gifts that will make you happy anytime, anywhere!

Let’s be honest, music is a wonderful thing. With it, you can express emotions particularly well and also skillfully influence your own mood in one direction or the other. Who does not know these moments, a happy song sounds on the radio, and even if you are actually in a bad mood, after a few moments of listening you start to hum along.

Real professional or amateur musicians feel this inner connection to the music even more intensely than the average consumer in front of the radio. That’s why you’re always particularly happy about gifts that are directly related to your musical passion. These can then also have something to do with completely different areas of the musician’s life because it is ultimately the thought that counts here.

Great gifts for musicians with guitars include decorative figures and cutting boards with the theme of their favorite instrument, the guitar. Wonderful gifts for keyboard players include roll-up pianos and T-shirts with a playable keyboard printed on them. In this way, the keyboard player can let his fingers fly over the keys anytime and anywhere. Be creative when choosing gifts for musicians. How about a ukulele kit or a mobile sound system as gifts for the guitar player? Also various instruments for children, who want to take their first steps in the world of music?

Music is something magical, support your birthday child or husband in his hobby with your gifts. Maybe you’ll soon get back a self-composed song as a thank you.

Billie and Finneas Fulfill Lifelong Dream of Winning Acclaims for a Bond Movie Theme Song

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas performed their original Bond theme song “No Time to Die” at the 2022 Oscars, demonstrating why they deserve to win the award. Although the track was first released two years ago, in February 2020 at the height of the pandemic, reminding James Bond fans that a James Bond movie carrying the same title is waiting in the wing for the right time and opportunity for its release in theaters.

Dressed in an all black attire, Billie’s emotionally-charged style of singing along with her brother Finneas on the piano, the duo fully realized their lifelong dream of getting recognized as composers and performers of a signature James Bond movie song

Actually, the siblings and their original song have already won recognitions from other award-giving bodies in 2021. They took home the 2021 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

The “No Time to Die” Bond soundtrack beat other Best Original Song nominees, namely: Lin Manuel’s “Dos Oruguitas” got Encanto, Dianne warren’s “Somehow You Do” gpt Four Good Days’, Beyonce’s “Be Alive” for King Richard, and Van Morrison’s “Down to Joy” for Belfast.

Moreover, the song debuted at the top of the UK Singles Chart as well as the Irish Singles Chart, No Time to Die reached only Top 16 in the U.S Billboard Hot 100.

Eilish Makes Another Record as Youngest Musician

At the age of 18, Eilish officially became the youngest recording artist to ever work on a James Bond theme song. She has also won a total of seven Grammy awards for her 2019 album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” and her 2021 album “Happier Than Ever” which was nominated for album of the year and best pop vocal album.

Nevertheless, in her acceptance speech, Billie showed gratitude fort he creative team of the film. Obviously beside herself with glee, she said she could scream about how it’s unbelievable to have won the the award. Finneas on the other hand, thanked their parents and the Academy as well.

The brother and sister theme responded to the invitation sent by the filmmaker to various artists, to submit a title song for the opening credits of No Time To Die. According to Billie, they were only given a script for the movie’s opening scene as reference

Not wanting to pass up the chance of fulfilling a lifelong dream, O’Connell and Eilish were able to submit a demo entry, which they recorded in their tour bus while travelling in between concerts,

Other Bond Movies that Won or Have Earned Nomination for Oscars

While there’s a list of Bond theme songs that have been nominated for an Oscar Bsst Movie Theme Song, “No Time to Die” is only the third to have bagged the Oscar award. The other two Bond songs that won an Academy Award for best song were “Skyfall” by Adele and Paul Epworth in 2013, and “Writing’s on the Wall” by Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith for “Spectre” in 2016.

Bond songs that were only nominated include “For Your Eyes Only” by Sheena Easton in 1982, “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon in 1978, “Live and Let Die” by Wings (Paul McCartney) in 1974, and “The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield nominated in 1968.


2022 Best Music Apps for Free

A plethora of songs inside your hand, no storage problems, and no fees – that’s what the greatest free music apps promise. This is also a great way of showing how music industry is making the leap to digitization.

The only difficult part is picking a streaming service that is best for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

Music streaming services that charge a fee provide higher-quality music. However, if you only listen to music on occasion, free music streaming services are worth it all more than paying for something you don’t use.

List of Free Music Apps this 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the finest free alternatives so you can decide which is best for you.


One of the nicest – and surely one of the most convivial – free streaming services is also one of the most well-known. Your initial port of call will most likely be Spotify.


You may not realize it, but Amazon Prime members have access to the music streaming service of Amazon’s free level.


A video-sharing site, YouTube Music attempts to compete with Spotify and other music-streaming services. It also has a free tier, similar to Spotify. Sure, there are advertisements, but not nearly as many as you might anticipate.


SoundCloud is recognized for being the home of up-and-coming artists, so if you want to find out new bands and forecast which ones will go big, this is the place to go.


Customers in the United States can now subscribe to Tidal’s first-ever free plan, dubbed ‘Tidal Free.’ It allows them to stream the whole catalog of 80 million songs at 160kbps with “minimal interruptions.”


How to Buy a Song on Amazon with a Credit Card in 6 Easy Steps

Credit cards are the most common payment method for online shopping. If you need more information about your credit card, the YouReviewIt website has loads of tutorials for various credit cards use.

Amazon has been a leading eCommerce store for years and has a lot of benefits for shoppers. Amazon is a company that has been in the business of selling goods online since 1994. It was founded by Jeff Bezos and started to sell books but now it sells just about everything including your favorite song.

In this post, we are going to cover how to purchase a song listed on Amazon with the use of credit cards.

How to Buy a Song on Amazon with a Credit Card

Follow these 6 easy steps to navigate your way through Amazon to purchase your favorite song.

Step 1. Login to Your Amazon Account

Amazon allows you to sign up for an account or login to your existing account with your email address, password, and phone number.

If you have an Amazon account, you can use it to purchase goods from the company’s website as well as other retailers who use Amazon’s platform for their e-commerce sites. You can also use your Amazon account for shopping on other websites by using the “Login and Pay with Amazon” button on other retail sites.

Step 2. Search for the Song You Want to Buy in the Search Bar

You can search for a song by its title, artist, or album.

1) Type in the name of a song or artist and click on “Search”. This will bring up a list of songs that match your search criteria.

2) If you want to buy an album instead of just one song, type in “album:” followed by the name of the album and click on “Search”. This will bring up all songs from that album.

Step 3. Click on “Buy” or “Add to Cart” on the Right-hand Side of the Screen

Once you have selected your song from the search results, you can buy the song immediately on Amazon. Or Add the song to your cart and purchase it later.

Step 4. Once You Add an Item to Your Cart and Scroll Down You Will See an Option for Paying With Credit Card

Once you add an item to your cart, you will see an option for paying with a credit card. The option to pay with a credit card is available once you add an item to your cart and scroll down.

Step 5. Click on “Pay with Credit Card” and Select Your Method of Payment

The payment method can be selected by clicking on “Pay with Credit Card” and select the desired option.

Step 6. Complete Your Transaction by Entering Your Correct Credit Card Info and Submit Order

Enter your credit card information and click on “Submit Order” to complete your transaction.

What is the purpose of this section?

-The purpose of this section is to inform the user that they are about to submit their order.

-The user will enter their credit card information and then click on “Submit Order” to complete the transaction.

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Why use credit cards on Amazon?

There are many reasons to use credit cards on Amazon. It is easy to use and can be used in many countries. It also offers protection with buyer protection in the case of an item not arriving or not being as described.

The Connection of Music and Chess

The fact that top grandmasters have so often also enjoyed musical training cannot be explained by coincidence. It is evident that many of the old and new masters have enjoyed an extensive education in many intellectually demanding disciplines such as music, mathematics, art, or literature. Intensive study of music has been scientifically proven to have a major impact on brain structure and activity, e.g. B. the formation of gray matter. The cognitive and emotional development of the two language centers through music completes the abilities of a powerful brain that can be the key to world chess leadership. Most grandmasters had the right teacher for chess lessons, and often their teachers were musically inclined too.

The close connection between chess and music

“The game of chess, like music and love, has the ability to make people happy,” Siegbert Tarrasch, the old German chess champion said. There is a close connection between chess and music and some outstanding chess players were and are also great music lovers.

Many top grandmasters such as Aronian, Smyslov, Taimanov, Philidor, or Sutovsky have also received musical training. Chess player Wladimir Kramnik compatriot and trainer, ex-world champion Mikhail Botvinnik, once said that the art of chess is in no way inferior to music. An assessment shared by society: Both chess and musical education were held in high esteem in certain bourgeois-intellectual circles, which is why parents gave them to their children. Accordingly, many strong chess players came from families in which music was cultivated as a hobby or even as a profession.

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Brains of professional musicians

What can this connection look like? Researchers from the University of Jena, together with Gottfried Schlaug from Harvard Medical School in Boston, have discovered that the brains of professional musicians are strikingly different from those of non-musicians. Areas responsible for hearing, spatial vision, and the implementation of the movement were significantly enlarged in musicians. Presumably because they not only have to think ahead in their game and make the right movements to the music but at the same time have to check whether they played correctly. Recent studies have shown that even Broca’s area – one of the two language centers – is involved in the processing of music. And that, in turn, affects cognitive and emotional development.

“It’s strange, but from a neuroscientific point of view, everything suggests that the most useless achievement that humans are capable of – and that is undoubtedly carefree, unintentional singing – has the greatest beneficial effect on the development of children’s brains,” explains Professor Gerald Hüther, Head of the Central Office for Neurobiological Prevention Research at the University of Göttingen and Mannheim/Heidelberg, on

Heinz von Loesch summarizes

Heinz von Loesch, Professor of Musicology at the TU Berlin, summarizes the connection between virtuosity in music and other areas as follows: “The association with the technical, more precisely with the mastery of the technical, is not only important for the concept of virtuosity in the Music is fundamental, it is fundamental to the concept of virtuosity in general. It is what is meant when we speak of virtuosity in painting and verse, of that of acrobats and jugglers, of virtuosity in chess and in political diplomacy.”


Legendary Women in the Music Industry

Women have played an important role in music business milestones since the first recording of Elvis Presley up to the founding of the Grammy Awards, typically with less recognition than male executives. This article is to salute female pioneers who changed the music industry in honor of Women’s History Month and conjunction with Billboard’s 2022 Women in Music issue.

The Lady Pioneers of the Music Field


Check the following strong women that give music to our ears and bring harmony to our daily lives.

Marion Keisker

As the 18-year-old Elvis Presley came to record songs at Sam Phillips’ Sun Records in Memphis on July 18, 1953, Keisker gave him a warm welcome while working there as an office secretary. Elvis came in with $4 to record two songs for his “mom,” claimed Keisker, “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin.” During that time, she worked as a radio host and station manager and was so curious about this happening.

Suzanne de Passe

Suzanne de Passe began her career at Motown Records in the late 1960s as a creative assistant to Berry Gordy, its Founder. Afterward, she rose through the ranks to become president of the label’s TV/film subsidiary, Motown Productions. This is when MCA Records purchased the business in 1988. What makes De Passe’s journey more remarkable is the upbringing of the iconic acts to Motown. These are The Jackson 5, The Commodores, and Lionel Richie.

Ethel Gabriel

Being the first female producer, Gabriel works for a record company with a different perspective. She mentioned to The Cincinnati Enquirer during her interview in 1983:

I didn’t realize I was in a place I shouldn’t be.

Record And Share Your Music With A Quality Computador

Computers are excellent for word processing and of course Internet surfing. However, in this digital era, they too are used for different purposes as they can carry out other functions to make certain tasks easier, faster, accurately and more effectively.

Quality Computador For Your Computador Needs

For your computador needs, offers a variety of quality computers. From powerful CPUs to smooth moving mouse, it is a one-stop-shop where you’ll find a computador that will meet all your computer needs as well as your budget.

Whether you are looking for a computador for your home, business, or gaming, Atual Center has definitely a computer for you. Not only will you get quality computers, but also a one-year warranty for any product that you purchase on their website, and in terms of payment, you have the option to pay your product in installment. To find out more about the computers they have, do check out their site.

Record and Share Your Music

Because of the numerous functions that computers serve, they have become an essential for all industries as well as for individuals of different walks of life. For musicians, especially independent music artists, computers not only allow them to create music but also make it possible for them to produce, share and promote them to the world. One can even have their own home recording studio, by learning and becoming skilled at making use of the capabilities of a computer to help create music. Among these capabilities include the following:

  • RECORDING. With the proper configurations together with a reliable recording software, your home computer can be used to record one layer at a time and with a sound quality that is crystal clear similar to recording in a studio.
  • MIXING. Both professional and amateur musicians utilize software for digital recording so as to mix music, on top recording. A good mixing software allows users to include touches into their recordings, such as echo, distortion, reverb as well as vocal processing. DJs and artists doing remixes make use of a mixing software in order to produce new versions (remixes) of popular songs.
  • LIVE BACKING. For music playback, computers are very useful for music artists. For instance, pre-recorded accompaniments, like drums, can be played back while you play the guitar live. There are numerous solo artists or one-man-band who are able to create amazing music thanks to this.
  • MASTERING. This is identical to mixing, however involves placing final touches. There are engineers specializing in music mastering and professionally carry out a mastering process for every major music release. This process is imperative for synchronization and harmony.

With our technological and digital era, computers play a valuable role for people with a passion for music and aspiring music artists as they are provided the tools to create music and share them others. Furthermore, they can even reach out to other musicians and collaborate with them to create more amazing music for others to enjoy. So, if you love music and have an aim to create and share them, computers are will definitely help you achieve this.

Tips You should Know when Identifying Music Notes

Music is an important part of our lives. It can evoke emotions, create memories, and even affect health. Music has the power to connect us with one another and to touch parts of our lives that we might not have seen otherwise.

But did you know that there are actual symbols used to represent music? When it comes time to transcribe music, sometimes these symbols are used to denote notes, rests, and other symbols. But what do they mean? The tips in this blog post will help you get more info on how to identify music notes like a pro!

The Chromatic Scale

The chromatic scale in music is a series of twelve notes. It starts with “Do,” and goes up to “Do” again, but an octave higher. The second time it will start from the next note in the scale, “Re.”

Sharps and Flats

Sharps and flats are symbols that show the pitch of a note.

A sharp goes up in pitch by one semitone, and a flat goes down in pitch by one semitone. A natural goes up or down by half of a semitone, and is the equivalent to a half step.

The Natural Note

The natural note is also known as the “white” or “empty” note. It’s the symbol that looks like an oval with a stem on each side. What does this symbol mean? When you see it, it means there was no sound made. This symbol will be used to denote pauses between notes in order to notate rhythm.

The Accidental Note

The accidental note is the one that typically looks like a dot or a “tilde” (or an upside down “v”). This note tells you to move from the previous note up to the next one. You’ll also see this symbol as a stand-alone line.

The Flat Note

The flat note is used to show that the pitch of the note should be lowered by half a step. Notice how it looks like a lowercase letter “b.” This symbol is typically found in music sheet for piano and guitar. One of the most important things about identifying music notes is being able to spot sharps and flats quickly.

Is music a safety risk while driving?


For most of us, whether on the radio or in our playlists, listening to music is part of driving a car. But how does music really affect our driving style? Does it improve our focus or distract us? Fact check.


Music affects the mind and body

One thing is clear: music affects us. On the one hand, music is a conscious mood enhancer or trigger. Happy music tends to make you happy, lo-fi music makes you relaxed, and melancholy music is depressing. Music, on the other hand, unknowingly affects our bodies.

Fast and aggressive music has a faster heart rate and faster breathing than slow music. The pace in our heart rate range (60-80 beats per minute) also seems to calm us down.


Music in the car: distraction or stimulus?

There are two hypotheses, the distraction hypothesis, and the attention hypothesis. The distraction hypothesis is that music is the distraction of your brain. Distraction means that two tasks compete for the same cognitive abilities in the brain.

But: We humans are terrible multitaskers. And distraction while driving your car like the Honda small SUV, usually inevitably leads to diminished attention, which in this case increases driving performance and thus safety risks. Distraction while driving is, in turn, one of the most common causes of accidents.

Therefore, if music interferes with our driving, it poses a safety risk.

Next, there is a caution hypothesis. In short, music has an exciting effect.


Bad music is better than no music in the car

To find out, a team of Scientists in Groningen have created personal playlists for various research participants and made them negative and negative. I asked you to associate it with positive emotions.

Subjects equipped with this music each drove an 8-minute test route. I used positive playlists in the background once, negative playlists once, and no music at all.


Your personality plays a big role

But it’s not just music that influences your driving style. The individuality of the driver also plays a role. A Chinese research team, for example, investigated whether emotional people were more influenced by music than melancholy and apathetic people.

They found: People with a calm heart don’t bother them even with aggressive music. On the other hand, Choleric people should keep their hands away from a punk rock while driving.

However, common statements such as heavy metals make driving aggressive and lounge music relaxed.

The personality of the driver and the personality of the music seem to play as much a role as the genre of music and the strength of the music.

Perfect playlist? There is an algorithm for that!

That’s why there is an algorithm that can do just that. For example, Düsseldorf agency TRO, in collaboration with Amazon Music, has developed an algorithm to create playlists for relaxed driving.

These include songs such as Jadu Heart’s “Moon Rising”, Nick Mulvey’s “Vetiver” and The Cinematic Orchestra’s “That Home”.

This technology is not intelligent enough to fit playlists perfectly to individual drivers. But it’s only a matter of time.

At the latest, when sitting in a futuristic smart car that measures breathing, eyes, and heart rate, it’s okay for the intelligent music system to perfectly adapt the playlist to your mood and always play “. The safest “music.


2022 Android’s Best Music Player

Listening to stored music is the best on-the-go step to play local music for numbers of audiophiles. Well, this is actually a big advantage as music streaming highly compromises the storage compression. If you are one of those who are trying to have a local playback app for music, then you are lucky for being on the right track. 

Best Android Music Player

The following apps below boast for a great combination of features. A set of codec support and even a built-in equalizer is always present on these apps.

1-Poweramp Music Player

Browsing its Settings, you will generally discover how robust this music app is. It also gives a 15 day trial period for free before paying for $5 so, for sure, you will never go wrong.

2-Music Player Go

If you are using Android 10 and 11, Music Player Go is a good one to try on. Kotlin, the developer of this app, never failed to consistently update this music app.

3-Omnia Music Player

Anti-loss audio setting and smart playlists are some of the standard features of Omnia. There is also a playback support for files such as Windows Media.

4-Pulsar Music Player

A sister music app of Omnia, Pulsar gives more focus on the aesthetics. This is a music app that highly allows its listeners to match the color theme into its customized settings.


Embedded lyrics, flawless playback, shortcuts, and sleep timers are just some of the features of Musicolet. It also has auto support for Android and themes that come in light and dark.

The Music Industry: Making The Leap To Digitization

Some time ago, sales were still suffering greatly from ongoing digitalization, but the music industry can now proudly look back on a successful leap into the digital age. 45 percent of sales in the music sector come from digital distribution and the overall market grew by 3.2 percent worldwide. Forms of use such as music streaming even increased by 106 percent in Germany. Read here the 4 steps the music industry took to make this change:

The Business of Music: 4 steps to Digitization

1. Make your content available
At the dawn of digitization, the music industry believed it made the most sense to sell content directly to consumers. However, it quickly turned out that users prefer platforms that offer a full range. A circumstance that, for example, was fatal to Universal’s Popfile, a platform that only contained artists from Universal itself. Only iTunes managed to convince users with content from all major labels.

2. Pay attention to service and usability
In addition to the availability of content, users also value service and user-friendliness. At the beginning of digital music distribution, for example, Windows Media DRM was used, which among other things meant that hardly any players were compatible and no CDs could be burned. Many potential buyers were put off by this rather than introduced to the new format. And the MP3 format, which was clearly superior in all areas and was still illegal at the time, didn’t make it any easier for legal music distribution. In a market in which illegal but free offers are available on every corner, the customer must be convinced and retained through high service and usability.

3. New business models?
With global growth of 45.2 percent, streaming has become an integral part of the music industry. However, the new sales model was initially only able to establish itself in Sweden. There, the industry collapsed almost completely due to illegal downloads. That’s the only reason the record companies there were willing to test the new model. As it turned out, a good idea. Thanks to the early opening up to the new sales model, sales in Sweden were almost able to rise to the old level.

While planning for a new sales model for music, it is nice to integrate the new trends in digital marketing. For example, the use of Search Engine Optimization and Link building is something worth considering in the marketing endeavors of the music industry. Solicitation of third-party services keen on digital marketing like the link building services from Outreachmonks can boost sales in the long run.

4. Look for sales partnerships
Even if new sales models can be very beneficial for the industry, it is not always possible to implement them successfully. In the case of music streaming, the partnership with network operators, in particular, ensures that new, potentially paying customers are won. Deezer’s enormous growth can therefore also be attributed to the more than 60 worldwide network operator partnerships.


A small fly in the ointment of digitization is the sluggish start to profitability. With Spotify, the largest streaming service is in the red. However, the enormous growth allows an optimistic view of the future.

The great potential in the digital market must also be used consistently in the future. Because the following applies: If companies are unwilling to engage in unknown sales models, to enter into new partnerships, and to prioritize customer satisfaction over copy protection and security of the content, they too could fall victim to digitization.


All About the Apple Music Voice Plan

The newest Apple music subscription tier is generally designed through the authority of Siri. This plan has anything to offer – from allowing the subscribers to access the catalog with 90 million songs up to the uncomparable Apple Music Radio. There are also thousands of playlists with the inclusion of mood and activity playlists, customized music mixes, and genre stations. These can all be accessed for as low as $4.99 every month.

Apple Music and Siri are generally unseparable and they used to work in ultimate collaboration with each other.

How to subscribe to Apple Music Voice Plan?

Via Siri, Apple users may subscribe through the following steps:

  1. Saying the word command via Siri; or
  2. Signing up on the music app on Apple

Accessibility of the Apple Music Voice Plan

There are newer playlists available at the Apple Music Voice Plan. If you are an Apple subscriber, you will gain access to the complete playlist lineup of Apple Music. Apple subscribers may generally enjoy but are not limited to the following music playlists:

  • A-List Pop
  • New Music Daily
  • Rap Life
  • R&B Now
  • Today’s Country
  • Today’s Hits

Availability of the Apple Music Voice Plan

In almost 17 countries and regions, the Apple Music Voice Plan is already available. Here are some of the countries where subscribers may enjoy music on their Apple device:

  1.  Australia
  2. Austria
  3. China
  4. Canada
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Italy
  8. Ireland
  9. UK
  10. USA

What’s Behind Lo-Fi Music Soundtrack?

More and more Youtube users click on videos with titles like “Instrumental beats to study”. But are there really so many people in the learning fever who listen to pieces that are not vocal for self-motivation? We get to the bottom of the hype.

What’s Behind Lo-Fi Music Soundtrack?

For a few months now, many music-loving YouTube users have been showing videos and live streams with similar titles in the recommendations again and again. For example, they are called “Lo-fi beats to chill to” or “24/7 lo-fi hip hop radio”. The pictures for this almost always consist of motifs or gifs in anime style: girls crouching at their desks and staring in front of themselves. The music corresponds to the description: crackling snares, hi-hats, jazzy piano strumming, and here and there a guitar. No singing, no rap parts.

In addition to the very meditative effect of this music, what is particularly impressive is its popularity: There are innumerable channels on the same topic. The number of followers ranges from a few hundred people to several hundred thousand. The YouTube channel “ChilledCow” has almost a million subscribers, the channel “Chillhop Music” even almost one and a half million. Who would have thought YouTube was so full of hardworking learners?

How many viewers actually used these channels to snoop around for exams, of course, nobody can say.

The fact is: An enormous community has formed around the “Lo-fi study beats”.

Most of the music that runs in the YouTube mixes comes from Soundcloud beatmakers who submit their tracks to the channel operators. There is now also a Chillhop record label that gives beatmakers from the Netherlands the opportunity to officially release their music. Last year there was even a first-party in Paris where some of the “Lo-fi study beats” artists played.

Chillhop A&R Scout Simon Leidner (who also tinkers under the name Philanthrope Beats) hopes that these IRL actions are just the beginning – and that people will soon not just be letting the sound play on the side.

The hype surrounding the “lo-fi study beats” goes well with the way people listen to music these days. It’s no longer so much about discovering your own bands or songs – people want to hear something that suits their current mood. And regardless of whether people actually hear the “Lo-fi study beats” to learn or not – everyone has to come down.