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Ways Numerology Was Inspired by Music

While it’s widely-known that the Greek Philosoper Pythagoras is the father of modern numerology, there is little information explaining why numerology is related to music. Folktales tell of how Pythagoras noticed that the blacksmith’s different sizes of hammers produced different tones. Moreover, the pounding sound created a rhythmic pattern.

Pythagoras found out that the tonal difference was due to the different proportions of the hammers producing the sounds. He then conceptualized that size or dimension has direct impact on tonal quality.

After conducting studies of how vibrations create music, Pythagoras began to develop theorems about the existence of music and harmony in the entire universe, and among the celestial bodies.

Pythagoras was more inclined to play stringed instruments, as he experienced a calming effect from the harmonious sound produced by stringed instruments. However, he discovered that not everyone likes stringed instruments in the same way he does. In fact Pythagoras himself was averse to the sound of cymbals and flute.
At the end of the day and the long years in which the philosopher created his playlist of music, he also provided distinctions in the different personality traits common to each group of musical instrument listeners
Based on the Personality Traits Number, a child or adult delights on the music produced by certain types of musical instruments.
Personality Number 1 – Responds to vibrating instruments like drums, tambourine, conga, saxophone, bugle bassoon as they create strong crisp sounds.
Personality Number 2
Personality 2 persons are drawn to the sounds of mellow voices, harp, banjo, harmonica, French horn, trombone, piano and castanets, especially if playing love songs.
Personality Number 3
A Personality 3 loves youthful music specifically the most popular usually likes music that is youthful and in today’s popular style. The musical instruments that captivate a
Number 3 Personality include mandolin, ukelele, violin. oboe, cello, saxophone, etc. trumpet, violin, zither, chimes, and ukulele.
Personality Number 4
A Personality 4 music lover has a penchant for electronic music but is also largely drawn to the soothing sounds of traditional music. His musical instrument includes bagpipes, cow bells, zanza, tuba, drums, xylophones and saxophone.

Personality Number 5
Personality Number 5 has a broad range of music preferences and it can be said they like all kinds of music, including opera and disco. Kalimba, conch, timbales, violin, piccolo, marimba, trumpet, harpsichord and piano.

Personality Number 6
People with Personality 6 are drawn to both romantic and spiritualmusic especially those that include vocals, The musical instruments they love include celo, marimbas, oboe, mandolin, trumpet, clarinet, timpani and chimes.

Personality Number 7
The Personality 7 person loves spiritual music and will not settle for anything else; especially bright and loud sounds. Music produced by a harp, harmonica, piano, French horn and drums cater to his listening pleasure. The spirituality felt by Personality 7 people appears to be rewarded by the 747 Angel Number

Personality Number 8
This Personality is basically a blues, person as music expressing moods, deep brooding and despondency has strong appeal. He prefers the sounds of trumpets, cornets, clarinet, bells, and chimes.

Personality Number 9
The Personality 9 goes for bold and brassy collections of muric themes, the kindnthat resonates with determination and strength. The music he appreciates come from instruments like organs, lute, viola, violin, bass, saxophone, bongos, horns, drums and gongs.