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Smart Bathroom Mirrors : Are They Worthy Investments?

A wash basin mirror design is a conventional bathroom feature, yet in these modern times music lovers can upgrade by opting for a smart bathroom mirror. It’s actually a bathroom mirror outfitted with Bluetooth-powered speakers whilst capable of streaming not only music but also a host of other forms of entertainment streamed by one’s smartphone. The speakers of the smart bathroom mirror are powerful enough to let users hear the streamed music even when the shower is running.

Still, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are the choice of music enthusiasts who can afford to put in more money as bathroom adornment. Wash basin mirrors do not have to be as high tech since they are expected to take in lots of water. In some cases, wash basins are even filled with water for purposes other than for face and/or hand washing practices.

Actually, smart bathroom mirrors have other benefits, especially for people looking forward to spending weekends lounging in the comfort of their home. A Bluetooth-powered bathroom mirror can literally make a private enclave a comfort room. There’s no hurry to get out of a warm bath if one has a versatile smart bathroom mirror keeping you company.

Benefits of Having a Multimedia Device in One’s Bathroom


Multimedia denotes capability to use and access and connect to different computer communication applications. The apps include receiving and sending texts, graphics, videos and audios, whch a smart mirror can deliver even if the user is relaxing in a warm and soothing bath.

Apparently, people who work-from-home benefit from the mirror’s multimedia capabilities because it provides great support to their new lifestyle. .

Additionally, the intelligent bathroom device can also furnish important information like current temperature and present level of humidity. Aside from offering convenience, smart mirrors can bring on fun weekend entertainment. They can display offline and online video games, streaming music, movies, online news and sporting events.

A smart bathroom mirror can help improve one’s lifestyle, if its multimedia capabilities are used to simplify lifestyle practices toward achieving convenience. The future of smart technology is bright since it can connect to various next generation applications operating as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) Network.

Do Smart Bathroom Mirrors Offer Safe and Secure Services?

A smart mirror comes with a camera and microphone as tools for facial and voice recognition. These recognition tools determine if a user has authority to access the mirror’s functions and features.

The facial and voice recognition security features help authorized users manage and control interactions using the smart mirror device and in preventing access to important information stored in the intelligent home devices. Users must first make a successful facial match, while interactions are to be carried out by way of voice commands that must match the voice recognition protocol.