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Use Music Legally On Cabinet Website

If you run your own website, you can include background melodies there. But here there are precise regulations on how you can legally use music on your homepage.

Using music on your own homepage is of course a nice idea. But in order to be able to do the whole thing legally, a few rules must be observed. You cannot legally incorporate every type of music into your homepage. For instance, Highland Cabinetry can’t just incorporate every type of popular music on their website. They have to find music that can be used legally.

Highland Cabinetry

This is how you can use music on your own homepage

If you create your own music, for example, created with a keyboard, other musical instruments, or special software for the PC, you can use this music legally and without incurring any costs on your homepage.

Music by well-known artists is usually protected. That means you are not allowed to upload any songs from your hard drive or a CD and put them on your homepage. If you do, there could be legal consequences.

You may only legally use some music from the Internet on your homepage if you also state the source of the music – the name of the homepage or the provider from whom you got the music must be on your homepage.

On the other hand, before publishing the music on your homepage, read carefully whether the song you have chosen can really be used legally.  There may be restrictions on some songs.

Basic rights to music titles

If you want to upload music to the Internet, you must always observe copyright law and, above all, the Copyright Protection Act.

According to this law, music is one of the protected works so it may only be reproduced and distributed by the respective author. For example, you are not allowed to upload a song’s MP3 file to a website or use the song as background music for a video.

If you violate these rights, i.e. if you upload a song protected by copyright, this can result in claims for injunctive relief, removal, or damages.

You can safely upload music if you create it yourself. However, you must note that the music may actually only come from you, i.e. you have not only “re-recorded” a well-known song with an instrument or mixed it a bit.