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French iPhones Listening to Music with Electromagnetic Field Protection

The experience of listening to music using any of the iPhone 13 models is nothing out of the ordinary yet still different if the iPhone was manufactured in France. As it was, there used to be a French law requiring all iPhone models produced and shipped in and out of France, to include a pair of hands-free kit like Earpods.

Still, in January 2022, the law has been amended, freeing Apple from its obligation to include a pair headphones or earpods as part of its iPhone 13 models manufactured in the country.

Smartphone manufacturers in France are no longer required to include headphones on the iPhone 13 models. The thrust of the new law is to reduce electronic wastes. However, manufactirers have to make sure that they can also provide compatible headphones when they become necessary.

Although Apple made the unique commitment to France since iPhone 12. Apple was just to happy to oblige since most French people favor listening to music with their iPhones. Smartphone buyers in France are pleasantly surprised to find a headphone as part of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 packages. Also, iPhone owners looking to dress up their iPhone with a unique phone case, will still find a wide array of coque iphone 13 wiqeo stores offer.

Why the French Electromagnetic Field Protection Law was Scrapped

Originally, the French Assembly passed a law requiring smartphone manufacturers to sell “hands-free kits” as a means of providing protection to children below 14 years of age. At that time, the perceived effects of electromagnetic radiation was not yet backed by scientific studies.

Radio Frequency (RF) refers to the oscillation rate of the electromagnetic waves occurring within an electromagnetic field.
Most studies focus on the potential risks posed by RF as cancer causing, genetically damaging, and neurologically harmful. Some others had looked into the possibility that RF can damage kidneys, reproductive and immune systems. Yet there has been no documented proof about negative effects of RF exposure on human health.

That being the case, the French Law that previously required smartphone manufacturers to include headphones as part of the package has been amended and is no longer mandatory.

Still, France’s traffic rules prohibit the use of the hands free kit, including the use of headphones while driving and listening to music. The prohibition applies to all motorists including cyclists, while using only one earpiece is likewise regarded as a road safety violation.