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Visiting a Music Festival with Your Motorhome

Music Festival


Rocking out with like-minded people – If you want to experience music in a gigantic atmosphere, visit a festival in the summer. Some events now also have parking spaces for motorhomes which is very practical if you think about it. So take off your trailer cover, start your RV and get on your way to your next music festival tour!

The singer starts the chorus, and the crowd in front of the stage enthusiastically joins in. The music welds completely unknown people together into a large community. The exuberant atmosphere continues long after the performance – after all, this was only the opening concert of a music festival lasting several days.

In the next few days, it will only be about the following topics: Which performance should not be missed? Who else has an insider tip for a still-unknown band? And where can you make yourself comfortable on the grounds to strengthen yourself for the next concert? The latter is easily answered: Like a rock star, you can recharge your batteries for the next performance in your own tour bus, in short: the motorhome. Optionally, the square in front of the mobile does it, where you can exchange ideas with new festival acquaintances over a cold drink, preferably about the bands, the favorite records, and the best seats in front of the stages.

But is there actually a half-life for what age you can still go to a festival? Jürgen and Michaela Reinert are always on the road with their camper at concerts and music festivals and blog about it on their website. You write: “Mick Jagger was born in 1943 and is still raging on the stages of the world. Then we younger ones (1960/1955) must not weaken in front of the stage!”

In addition to the traditional tent campsite, more and more festivals now have pitches for motorcycles, caravans, or motorhomes. It does not detract from the Woodstock feeling to have a firm roof over your head. However, the plus in comfort needs a plus in planning, because at most festivals there is only a limited space for motorhomes. The festival ticket often only includes a campsite – those who come with the motorhome must also purchase a “motorhome badge” or an extra ticket for the pitch on the festival grounds.


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Holidays on the festival grounds

Tickets and pitches are still available for some major festivals, such as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark or the Sziget in Hungary. On the latter, you can spend almost a week on holiday, which is ensured by the supporting program with dance, theater, and sports. In addition, there is a unique location in the middle of Budapest on a Danube island. Festival visitors can leave the island at any time for a city tour – however, motorhomes may only be brought to the island on the first day and driven away on the last.

Larger festivals offer a wide range of music styles. Smaller festivals, on the other hand, usually specialize in one style of music, such as the Chiemsee Reggae Summer, the Melt (electronic music), or the M’Era Luna (Dark Metal and Gothic). On the Internet, you will find what you are looking for for a wide variety of music preferences.

Take care of festival tickets early!

Many major festivals were already sold out at the time of writing, such as the Hurricane and the Southside Festival. There are also no more tickets for the infamous heavy metal festival Wacken. Also sold out is the “Rock am Ring”, where top bands always perform.

Caution: Black market tickets are expensive, and there is a risk of falling for counterfeits. If you want to see well-known bands, you should not hesitate long when buying tickets. This is proven by the Glastonbury Festival in England, one of the world’s largest events with almost 180 bands. Already in October last year, there were no more cards. Within the record time of one hour and 40 minutes, all 137,500 tickets were sold out.

For those who want to feel their way slowly: For most events, there are day tickets. Perfect to get a taste of festival air. If you are now gripped by the festival fever, another tip from us for safety, if the unison in front of the stage or the neighbors on the pitch should be too loud: Do not forget earplugs!