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Spotify on Roblox

With the opening of “Spotify Island,” a site where artists and fans can undertake interactive quests, unlock special content, and buy artist goods, Spotify is now the first music streaming company to do an official presence throughout Roblox.

The Musical World of Roblox

The new Spotify Island in Roblox will be made up of a center mainland enclosed by a collection of themed islands that players can wander and collaborate with by hiking, running, leaping, touching, and collecting up different stuff. The worlds themselves have a color scheme based on Spotify’s greenery, alongside oranges and purples thrown in for good measure.

In the upper right corner of the planet, there’s also a musical play compartment with a background music generated by Soundtrap, among the Spotify’s audio creation tools.

Players can pause or play the music, as well as skip tracks.

In-app Purchase

Meanwhile, an in-game merchandising store will offer a selection of certain Spotify items that can be used in other areas of Roblox, and also specific artist merchandise that will provide creators with a new cash source.

Welcome BonusĀ 

Four free stuff can be acquired at first by performing tasks on Spotify Island, such as playing sounds in the world’s crystal grotto and on a springboard, or gathering musical notes strewn throughout the island.