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Musical Instrument Flexible Packaging

Are you planning a flight with your instrument? Then remember to organize the transport of your instrument in good time so that the airline, for example, can react in good time to any valuable luggage that may need special treatment.

Flexible packaging: Tips for transporting musical instruments on the plane

Small and fine instrument in your hand luggage

You can place small instruments in the hand luggage compartment. Therefore, it is always under your personal supervision and in the air-conditioned area of ​​the aircraft.

So that you know exactly whether you can carry your instrument case as hand luggage, ask the airline.

It is best to get written permission or confirmation from the airline that you can take your instrument with you as hand luggage.

Don’t forget the written confirmation when you travel. Otherwise, questions or delays may arise both during the security check and during boarding.

Big and heavy instrument: book your own seat

flexible packaging

A separate seat can be booked for cellos and larger instruments, which are no longer part of hand luggage.

Here, too, it is best to let the airline know in advance which instrument it is and how it is packed. Make sure you use flexible packaging to protect your instrument.

Various airlines recommend booking seats in the back of the plane for you and the instrument. Boarding for these seats often takes place directly after 1st class, leaving more time to “settle” with the instrument.

There is either a hand luggage surcharge for the additional seat or you pay a slightly lower price if the aircraft is not fully booked.

Be sure to ask the airline about special conditions.

Take only the essentials with you

Pack only what is necessary in the tool case so that it does not become too heavy. You will then be faster at the security check.

Check in early

Be patient and allow the ground staff enough time to check your hand luggage and the instrument.

Observe current airline regulations

Prices and regulations are subject to change at short notice. It is best to find out about the latest status from your airline. Have the necessary travel information sent to you especially if you are travelling with your musical instrument.