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Live Music Concerts : The Importance of Creating a Contingency Plan

When it comes to live events, people respond the most to music concerts, whether as a promotional tour, a fundraising project or a simple public performance. However, organizing a live music event is not an easy feat because there can be instances when the unexpected happens. That is why contingency planning is always a must.

As far as live events go, music concerts are the most engaging yet they are also the most likely to hit snags along the way.

What Exactly is a Contingency Plan In Events Management?

Contingency plans are “what-if” plans that outline instructions for the events staff when continuing the program, instead of delaying or cancelling the live event. A contingency plan includes identifying people or members of the event management team who can step in as persons-in-charge when and where necessary.

Simply put, a contingency plan is based on an assessment of anticipated risks that have the likeliest potential to arise during the holding of the event. In doing so, your event management team can put in place measures and solutions to prevent the worst possible outcome from happening.

Examples of What to Consider When Planning for Live Concert Contingencies

When planning for contingencies in relation to a live concert event, it’s always best to speak with the talents, their musicians, backup singers and dancers, to have an idea about their costumes, props and any special effects they intend to use. Talking to the band members, vendors and venue administrator about the availability or lack of equipment, need for loading docks or special access and need for additional man and van transport to ensure smooth setup. Details like emergency power generation, alternate staffing and available source of extra equipment like sound system components, mics, speakers, microphones, and lighting equipment that typically break down. These are key elements that can affect the success of live music concerts.

The acoustics, the extra amplification, the stage and seating arrangements must be safe, secure and sensible, especially for outdoor musical performances. There must be available protection from elements not only for the music talents and the attendees but also for the equipment.

When holding a live concert in London or anywhere near the surrounding areas of the capital city, there are man with van service providers who can quickly disassemble and assemble, pack and unpack, load and unload cumbersome pieces of equipment. Ideally, a man and van crew can be placed as part of the event’s logistics team. Based on years of planning for contingencies on live events, the man-and-van teams, have the most well-rounded experience and seasoned knowledge when needing to relocate around London and surrounding areas, at short notices.

Key Factors to Include in a Live Concert Contingency Plan

Anyways, a contingency plan for live event concerts must include the following key factors:

  • Triggers that could potentially set off into motion the contingency plan;
  • Instantaneous responses designed to stop the mishap from worsening;
  • Identification of the main persons or crew members who should be involved in carrying out the immediate responses;
  • A chart outlining the responsibilities, including timelines for every response.