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How To Pack And Ship Musical Instruments

Are you planning to move, have you sold your musical instrument or would you like to organize the transport of your instrument to a concert? If so, it is important to take safety measures when packing and shipping your instruments.

A few tips on what to look out for when shipping an instrument

First of all, the size of your musical instrument is certainly decisive. You can ship smaller, lighter instruments such as a flute or a violin with a regular parcel service provider. It is best to inquire in advance with the respective customer service what to look out for when packing and insuring your instrument. For larger and heavier instruments, such as a bass guitar or a piano, it is definitely worth shipping by courier.

A number of forwarders have the necessary expertise and professional equipment which are crucial for the safe shipment of musical instruments. Definitely, packaging specialists and products from Blower-Dempsay Corp. can make your packaging secure when shipping.

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Send musical instruments with a forwarding agent and pack them securely in advance

In order to send musical instruments with a forwarding agent, safe packaging is the basic prerequisite for damage-free shipping. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a guitar or a harp, musical instruments are sensitive shipping goods. Therefore, you must be carefully prepared for transport. For example, you should send stringed instruments with the strings slightly relaxed.

You should pack musical instruments with a hollow body in a special instrument box or transport them in the case. To ensure that the musical instrument is held as securely as possible in the case, you can carefully wrap it in bubble wrap beforehand. You should put pad with air cushions on the outer carton to protect the instrument well.

In any case, you must ensure that the shipping carton is provided with handling instructions, for example, “do not stack” or “transport horizontally”. This way, you can make sure that they will transport your instrument safely.

Since musical instruments represent valuable freight, it is best to take out transport insurance in advance. In the event of damage, the insurance can cover the price of your instruments.  Before deciding to transport with a forwarding agent, ask for further information and possible additional services.