Sebastián Iradier


He has written two of the most famous songs in the world. One of them is La Paloma. The other one is the Habanera  from the opera Carmen. Nobody knows a lot about the composer of La Paloma. Sebastián Iradier was born on January 20, 1809 in Lanciego in the wine region Rioja. He was a womanizer, married twice, he had two children, went to Madrid and later to Paris, where he became Empress Eugenie's music teacher. Most probably between 1850 and 1860 he went on tour through the Americas with the star singer Marietta Alboni and the young Adelina Patti. It is supposed that he composed La Paloma during this voyage on Cuba. Later Sebastián Iradier returned to his home town Vitoria in the Basque Country, where he died forgotton in 1865.