Sigrid Faltin

writer, director, producer, White Pepper Films 

When I started the film, I had to answer questions like, “How often do you have to listen to the song? Won’t it be boring?” The viewers’ reactions now prove that the opposite is the case: you will get addicted to the song, you will want to hear more than the 42 versions which we play in the film. Even after months in the editing room, there are moments when I discover something new in the melody again. For heaven’s sake, nobody can tell you the secret of the song – otherwise thousands would have already copied it. It thrills me to see how the song has been connected with – mostly tragic – moments in history during the past 150 years, when death and longing, freedom and peace were key issues.  For me the song is an example of how globalization should be: a melody which unites people of every color and creed, a song played globally, but performed locally. I want the audience to leave the film with a smile on their faces whistling La Paloma, amazed at the song’s variety, wondering which musician impressed them most.

Sigrid Faltin has been working as a writer and film director for twenty years, and for ten years as a producer. Her last film “the guggenheim and the baroness” on Hilla Rebay, the founding director of the Guggenheim Museum, was internationally co-produced, shown at several international film festivals and awarded a Bronze World Medal at the New York Festival in 2005. She also wrote a well received book on Hilla Rebay. Together with Andreas Schäfler, Faltin also edited the book on La Paloma.